Japan Travel Guide +CONNECT

Now anyone can get online on
Wi-Fi easily at supported spots! This app helps you have an even smoother trip through Japan.

  • Search for a travel itinerary by purpose and area
  • See details on the services and facilities you will
    use on your trip
  • Bringing you a range of useful and timely information.
  • Search the best route to your destination
  • Easily get on Wi-Fi at supported spots

Japan Travel Guide + Connect supports your travel experience by making travel in Japan more fun and more convenient!


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What this app lets you do

Find lots of information to make your trip in Japan that much more fun!
Not only is there info on travel spots, but the app recommends tours and leisure event tickets, restaurants, souvenirs, and much more to make use of when planning your itinerary, and you can search it all by area and purpose. The app also brings you a range of useful and timely information. *The services offered differ by the languages supported by the app.
Lots of useful features
to make your trip more
A search function lets you find the best transit route to your destination. In addition, if the facility you plan to use supports Japan Travel Bridge™, you can check details on that spot. Enjoy a more seamless travel experience.
Easily get on Wi-Fi
at supported spots
You can also easily get connected to the Internet at Wi-Fi spots which support Japan Travel Bridge™ as well as at those spots which support free Wi-Fi guide apps compatible with Japan Travel Bridge™. (Participating locations currently being added)
Japan Travel Guide +CONNECTJapan Travel Guide +CONNECT
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